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Good Email AdviceWritten by Joy Chudacoff

Recently, I was having lunch with a friend who was feeling like her email in-box was being attacked with messages – sound familiar? We’ve all had this happen before and there may be times when we are the guilty culprit-unconsciously I might add.

I continued to ask my friend a few questions about this situation and I quickly began to understand how this might have happened. She was at an event and dropped her business card in a fish bowl to win a free gift that piqued her interest. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the lucky winner, however within three days of the event, she received three emails from the person who was giving away the free gift. Each email contained information about three separate programs/products this person was marketing – none of which my friend had any interest.

Let me ask you a question: Before the discovery of email – when the phone or fax was your main source of communication, would you call someone three days in a row and each time have a different offer you were marketing to them? I already know the answer and you do too. No. Why would you allow that to happen in your business today?

I have a suspicion that the person sending the emails doesn’t have her automated email sequence set up properly. It’s essential that you understand what’s going on in your business-especially when it comes to early communication with your ideal client who’s excited and interested in potentially working with you. Your brand and your image are at stake here. My friend had a genuine interest in the free gift. She liked her initial conversation at the event with the individual but is now completely turned off and has clicked the unsubscribe link.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that will help stop your unsubscribe rate and start creating online relationships that turn into profit:

1. Do become your own subscriber – One of the best action steps you can take in your business is to occasionally sign up for your own offers. You may be surprised at the information you begin to receive in your in-box. Take yourself through your own process and make sure it’s the message you want communicated to your reader.

2. Do keep your promise – Make sure you send people exactly what was promised and nothing else without getting their permission. If you promise to send them a free report, audio or CD, make sure it goes out in a timely manner. This goes a long way to create a positive connection and establish credibility. For example, when people sign up to receive my snail mail CD at an event, my team has another form at the table for them to check the box if they would like to receive my ezine as well. If they don’t check the box, they get the CD – nothing more. Within a few days after the event, I personally follow-up with attendees via email to invite them to subscribe to my ezine and future updates.

3. Do request a connection on Social Media – One of the best ways to start a relationship is to connect with people on the major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are using social media to share your expertise and insight on your industry, your ideal client will jump over to your blog or website and sign up on their own. They will want to keep up with your posts and perspective.

4. Do test to see what works – There is a fine line on how much email your subscribers will want to receive from you. Every community is different and there is no hard and fast rule on this. The only way to know what your list enjoys is to test. If you are offering good content and sprinkle in your offers to work with you or invest in your products or programs, then people will enjoy hearing from you. In addition, if you are doing a specific launch of a teleseminar, product or program with time-sensitive dates and bonuses, this is, of course, the exception and your followers will understand and be grateful for the reminders.

5. Don’t automatically add people to your list – If someone gives you their business card, it does not mean they want to receive your ezine. I ask before I add them and then make a note on the back of the card if they confirm that this is something they would enjoy. Adding people to your list without their permission can be reported as spam but more importantly, damage your reputation and slow the referral process.

Your subscribers, followers or as some like to call it, your “tribe” love you and the great content you provide. Make sure your initial contact is one that creates a favorable impression and moves the reader closer to you and the service or product you provide.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


© 2012 Joy Chudacoff

[stextbox id=”custom”]Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions®, a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs.  If you’re ready take your coaching business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, FREE Report, FREE MP3 and be the first to hear about my exciting new program for coaches and consultants at  Smart Women Smart Solutions Coaching.[/stextbox]

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  1. This is great article. The Do’s and Don’ts is very impressive. Thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas.

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